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Pinot Noir

This Canberra wine is ruby in colour; the nose is clean with prominent aromas of strawberry and red plum. It is medium bodied with a good length.

The Pinot Noir grape variety ripens early and displays a thin skin much lighter in colour than the Cabernet or Shiraz grape.

The Pinot Noir's variety delivers a clean acidity and tannins which can be described as silky or sometimes slightly savoury.

This wine is versatile and accompanies many dishes such as meat, fish and cheese dishes. 

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Pinot Noir Rosé

Our Canberra region vineyard's Pinot Noir Rosé is a crisp and delicate wine, which is welcomed at almost every occasion, day or night, winter or summer. This vibrant variety displays a floral and fruity taste with a pleasant dry finish.

Like the Pinot Noir grape, it ripens early and displays a thin skin with a lighter colouring and has a fresh acidity and tannins.

This Canberra wine is versatile and accompanies many dishes such as meat, fish and cheese dishes.


The Kerralee Merlot wine from our Australian vineyard has a gentle, mellow, plum aroma which is smooth on the palate. This Canberra wine is always a pleasing accompaniment to many dishes. It particularly goes well with pasta dishes, roast chicken, chargrilled meats, and selected soft cheeses.

The Merlot grape variety is dark-blueish in colour and is perfect for blending. Generally, Merlots tend to mature faster than other reds, however some can continue developing in the bottle for decades.

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Merlot Rosé

The Kerralee Merlot Rosé wine from our Canberra vineyard displays a gorgeous crimson colouring and offers aromas of cherrie, strawberry and raspberry on the nose. This light bodied Canberra wine is known for its length and body with fragrant and appealing textures. A clean and crisp Australian wine, the Kerralee Merlot Rosé is to please even the most enthusiastic Rosé specialist.

Cabernet Merlot

With a deep red/purple colour, Kerralee's plum flavoured Merlot is blended with the rich full body of Cabernet, sourced from a neighbouring cool climate vineyard. Both Canberra vineyards are irrigated from an aquifer in Jeir Creek valley and have a similar terroir.

This Australian wine pairs well with cheeses and red meat dishes.

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Sparkling Wine

Named for our fourth grandson, Isaac's Sparkling is made from our cool climate Pinot Noir and our winemaker's Chardonnay. 

The second fermentation is carried out by Canberra Region's foremost sparkling maker, using the same lees ageing and riddling techniques of Champagne.

Isaac's Sparkling has a delicate, refreshing flavour with citrus nuances, is a great aperitif. This Canberra wine can be matched with fish and white meats, or simply enjoyed as a celebratory drink.