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Kerralee is a five-acre Canberra region vineyard established in 1999. Located 29km from Canberra, our Australia vineyard consists of Merlot and Pinot Noir. Our vines are meticulously grown in granite-based clay loam at 570m elevation.

Our Canberra vineyard is a family based boutique enterprise, with four generations contributing to its development. This involves intensive vine maintenance, netting and hand harvesting. Some vintages have been named for different generations; recent vintages have been named for our grandchildren.

Our focus at Kerralee is to produce quality fruit for winemakers and supply boutique wine for restaurants. We hope you enjoy the wine produced from our special place in Canberra's cool climate wine region.

Our family-owned Canberra region vineyard specialises in boutique wines
extracted from cool climate grapes. At Kerralee, we pride ourselves on
producing great flavours from our own Australian vineyards.

Our Story

The 48 hectare Kerralee site was purchased in 1993. A residence was built in 1994, and occupied in 1995. Eventually, we prepared the land for our region vineyard in Canberra. We fenced, reticulated bore water, surveyed the vineyard site, ripped the vine rows, and installed eight kilometres of trellising. 

Finally, in 1999, we planted 2,500 Pinot noir and 2,500 Merlot vines into our Canberra region vineyard. The first fruit was harvested in 2003, with the wine being made by a notable ANU professor who was experimenting with wine making and is now a well known vigneron in his own right.

Young fruit does not make the best wine and it was not til 2008 that the vines were mature enough to make a good Canberra wine. Over the years, we used the services of several very capable wine makers. Today, we collaborate with Andrew McEwin and Phil Scott of Capital Wines.

Andrew’s preferred variety is Merlot, and he refers to Pinot noir as “feral”. Despite that, both grape varieties in our region vineyard in Canberra make a fine, mellow drop. We make limited batches to optimise the quality of our Canberra wines.

Originally, our Canberra vineyard was maintained by four generations, the elder being 92 years old and the youngest at three years old. Today, We now have two elderly, six middle aged, and six junior winemakers contributing to the operation, with an increasing input from specialist contractors.

Our vintages are named after the six junior family members, with every junior being very proud that the wines are identified for them.

The name Kerralee is derived from the names of our three daughters. 
Thinking it was a name unique to our family, we have since found there are quite a few people
 who actually have the same name, or a variation of it.

Cool Climate Wines

Our Canberra region vineyard produces Cool Climate wines, crafted from grapes grown in a cooler climate. Cool Climate red and white wines are usually more light bodied. The reds are generally more spicy, while the whites are usually crisp with a light fruity taste.

Only the very best grapes are selected from our Australian vineyards to produce reds for Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir Rosé, Merlot & Merlot Rosé.

We source our Cabernet Merlot from a neighbouring vineyard in the Canberra region with a similar terroir to Kerralee. Meanwhile, our Shiraz Cabernet is sourced from a nearby Canberra region vineyard.

As you you select from our selected varieties of Canberra wines, we trust you'll find the aroma and flavours much to your liking and enjoyment.